It seems like the world has gone mad. For years we have been struggling with JavaScript on the client side, and now all of the sudden people can't have enough of it on the server side. They claim it is "fun". This is not a fringe phenomenon: Node.js is being used by giants like eBay, LinkedIn and Microsoft. In this tutorial we will learn to embrace the Zen of Node.js.

Day 1


Asynchronous JavaScript Everywhere

  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Setting up the dev environment
  • Streams
  • File System


Building servers using the http and net modules

  • HTTP
  • Net


Node modules and events

  • Modules
  • NPM
  • Event emitters



  • Connect middleware
  • Express
  • Jade


Accessing Data

  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • SQL Server
  • Redis

Day 2


Working with Socket.IO

  • Why Socket.IO?
  • Broadcasting messages
  • Private messaging with events
  • Storing socket specific data
  • Namespaces



  • How clusters work
  • Creating a cluster
  • Pitfalls


Best practices

  • Coding Standards
  • Exception handling
  • Node util


Hosting Node

  • Forever and PM2
  • IISNode
  • Node on Windows Azure
  • Debugging with node-inspector


Unit tests

  • Jasmin.js
  • Mocha
  • Basic JavaScript skills
  • Web Development background

2 days (16 hours)

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