++Design Patterns in C

++Design Patterns in C

The course proceeds beyond C++ programming to investigate advanced aspects of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), including the implementation of many useful, industry-standard design patterns, using C++ code examples and exercises. The course promotes a complete understanding of the object-oriented paradigm, both on requirement level (e.g., dynamic classification, multi-methods) and implementation level (inheritance layout, virtual table). The developer attending the course will be able to identify and implement many common patterns in low-level design, and some patterns that affect the top-level design, i.e., the class diagram and the contents of abstract interfaces. It is pre-requisite for the “OOD/ Object Modeling” course.

  1. OOA & OOD
  2. UML
  3. Liskov’s Substitution Behavioral:
  4. Dependency Inversion Principle
  5. Interface Segregation Principal
  6. Creational patterns
  7. Structural patterns
  8. Behavioral patterns
  9. Project – Hands on

Completed a high level C++ course

At least a year of experience programming in Object-Oriented C++

5 days (40 hours)

השתתפות ב80% מהקורס

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תלמידים ונבחנים יקרים,

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