Amazon Web Services Development

Amazon Web Services – (AWS) is fast becoming certificate for any IT professional working with AWS. This course is designed to help you pass the NEW AWS. No specific programming knowledge is needed (though knowing a language would be advantageous) and no prior AWS experience required.

  • מתכנתי JAVA מנוסים
  • ידע בסיסי ב- Linux\Bash
  • גישה מלאה ל- training AWS account

24 שעות אקדמאיות

השתתפות פעילה ב- 80% מהקורס


  • Introduction to the Cloud
  • IaaS vs. PaaS
  • AWS services overviews
  • High-Availability using AWS
  • Launching EC2 Instances
  • Working with AMI
  • Security Groups
  • Working with EBS and
  • volumes
  • Working with the CLI
  • Utilizing ELB
  • Managing Auto Scale
  • Predicated Scale vs. Auto scale
  • ELB logging
  • SQS for queue management
  • Auto scale with SQS
  • SNS for cross-application notifications
  • AWS storage services overview
  • S3 buckets and objects
  • Securing objects on S3
    Advanced S3
    S3 Notifications
    Glacier and Reduced Redundancy
  • Why use RDS?
  • Creating and configuring RDS DB instances
  • Configuring users and roles
  • Defining Policies
  • CloudFormation
  • Using Terraform

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